Consumer Security

Highly advanced data security.  Now on your phone or tablet.

Password keeping and data protection apps use encryption to jumble your information into unusable, unreadable data. To access your data, your password keeper uses a decryption key.

Conventional password apps keep the decryption key right alongside your encrypted data.

This is a fundamental security flaw and it means that if your device is lost or stolen, a hacker can de-encrypt any valuable data held in the device – by finding and using the decryption key right there on the device.

It’s like having the key to your safe hidden just behind the safe.

What is distributed security architecture?

Unlike other password keeper apps, MOGO+ uses a system called distributed security architecture.

This means that MOGO+ uses a decryption key that’s kept off your device. That is, the decryption key is “distributed” away from the device containing the valuable data.

How MOGO+ creates a true Digital Safe on your device.

When you use MOGO+, your mobile device will contact the MOGO+ secure server and ask for a decryption key.

In normal circumstances, this is issued instantly by our servers, and – after you have entered your own password, known only to you – you can access all your accounts and data.

However if your device is lost, you can contact MOGO+ and get us to cancel issuing further decryption keys. From then on, no one can ever access your data.

Sleep Soundly

The encryption system we use is called “3 Key Triple DES.”  Cracking the encryption on your device by brute force would take even the largest supercomputers thousands of years.

If your phone or tablet is stolen, we can cancel issuing decryption keys to it immediately. This will render all your password-protected data completely useless.