Take a Tour of MOGO+

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1. Simple Registration

MOGO+ will remember your email address which is your unique identifier. For first time use after downloading, simply click Register and follow the prompts. (Remember your password because MOGO+ is so secure there is no way we can help you reset it.)


2. Single-Click Access to all your vital accounts

MOGO+ gives you single click access to a range of different accounts. Not just banks, but rewards points, telcos, utilities, even social media. You won’t need to remember your user name or password to any account other than your master MOGO+ password.


3. Full Services from your single dashboard

Once you’ve accessed an account with a single click, you have the full range of account services available to you: Transfers, payments, direct debits and statements all from your phone or tablet and all at a time that suits you.


4. Single-Screen Balance Summary

Clicking on Balances provides you with a single screen summary of all the accounts you have stored in MOGO+. Not just banks, but utilities and other services too. To update a balance, just click refresh. No need to navigate or login.


5. Menu

Simple menu options allow you to add supported accounts or save your login credentials to unsupported websites in the Password Manager or change your Mogo+ master password.


6. Account Categories

There are over 40 “single click access” accounts available, spanning a variety of services, and more are being added all the time.


7. Adding An Account

Adding a new account is easy. Simply enter your user name and password, perform a test login, return to Mogo+ and save your credentials.


8. Password Manager

To add a website which is not supported for single click access, enter it into the Mogo+ Password Manager. Mogo+ uses Google to find the url and you get Mogo+ to capture it. It’s that simple.


9. Auto Fill

Mogo+ will Autofill your credentials to login to any website. So you will never need to type a user name or password again, wherever you go on the internet.


10. Integrated support

Support for MOGO+ is available from within the app itself. Let us know if you are having any problems and we will respond to the email address you registered with us when you downloaded the app.